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Recycling locations old clothes and shoe

Old Clothes & Shoes

If in good condition old clothes and shoes should be donated and there are plenty of options in Houston (Goodwill, Salvation Army...). Clothes and shoes that can't be reused can be recycled at: 

The following City of Houston recycling centers:

Goodwill centers are also recycling textile:

Drop-off boxes for donation or recycling can be found sometimes on parking lots. ​

Recycling locations eyeglasses.jpg


You can change lives by donating your old pair of prescription glasses. Once donated, your old eyeglasses are checked and repaired if necessary. Lenses can be reshaped to fit new frames and help a child to read or a senior to be more independent.


Most of optometrist offices in Houston accept old eyeglasses for donations. 

The Lions Club has a recycled eyeglasses program and partners with Walmart, some community centers, librairies and schools for collection of used eyeglasses. Look up for their drop-off boxes. 

Salvation Army and Goodwill stores also accept your old pair of glasses. 

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