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Did you know?

  • Electronic devices contain metals (like copper, gold, tantalum...) that can be reused to make new devices, hence saving energy, reducing pollution, and protecting the earth's natural resources by not mining for virgin ore to create new metals.

  • Electronic devices contain toxic substances (lead, mercury...) that will end up in landfill if not properly disposed of. 

  • Some of your old devices can be fixed and reused. Reusing old devices allows to lower the impact of manufacturing new ones. 

CompuCycle is your best option! All the waste the company receives is shredded here in Houston. All materials from plastic to copper are separated and recovered to create new devices..  

Some other options in Houston: : 

The below City of Houston recycling centers accept up to 5 electronics items.

Accepted items: Monitors, CPUs, TVs, VCR/DVD/Blu Ray Players, Stereo equipment, Computers and Computer equipments: 

Other locations: ​

Extension cords and electrical wires are accepted by most of the metal recyclers in Houston.

Ink Cartridges

Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges can be recycled. Resources like plastic, metal and inks can be recovered to make new products. By recycling, you also prevent ink (which is chemical and oil based) to leak into our environment. 


Ink cartridges can be disposed of at the following stores in Houston: 


ink cartridge
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