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If in good condition you should first consider donating your appliances at Goodwill, Salvation Army. You can also try to fix your appliances by attending a repair café. 

Yet, if there is nothing that you can do to extend the life of your appliances here are a list of recycling centers in Houston. By recycling your old appliances you can help preserve natural resources and prevent pollution.. 


Your broken appliances can be dropped off at the City of Houston recycling centers. 

Large appliances like stove, refrigerator, Tvs,  are accepted at: 

Small appliances and microwaves can be disposed at: 

Other locations that offer appliances recycling program: 

Metal recyclers in Houston accept also broken appliances for recycling. List of appliances accepted may differ from one recycler to the other. 

appliances, microwave and washing machine


In the same way, you should first consider donation if your furniture can be reused. Goodwill, Salvation Army are good options for donations as well as Houston Furniture Bank a local non-for-profit. 

Non-upholstered furniture in good condition are accepted at: 

If furniture can no longer be used, check the below options for disposal. 

Recycling locations furniture.jpg


Yes, your old mattress can be recycled! Foam, steel, fibres and wood can be extracted from mattress and repurposed. For more information on mattress recycling check Mattress Disposal Guide.

Houston Furniture Bank is the only place in Houston that recycles mattresses. Your old mattress can be dropped off at their location or you can request pick-up services. A cost applies, $10 per piece if dropped-off and $25 per piece if picked-up.

Recycling locations mattress.jpg
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