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2 bins. Recycling and waste

At the park, in the mall while shopping, in the street, at the university.... there are many other places where you can recycle your waste. Yet, what is accepted is not always clearly labeled and often bins are misused.


To make a difference and avoid contamination (if no other indication) you should follow the below rules: 

  • Always REMOVE LIQUIDS. Although it is difficult to rinse your plastic bottle or your beverage can when outside, you should always remove liquids before placing in the recycling bin to minimize contamination. 

What you CAN put in the recycling bin

  • Aluminum cans (make sure it's empty). 

  • Paper sleeve of your paper cup (not the cup).

  • Plastic bottle (make sure it’s empty).

  • Glass bottle (make sure it's empty). 

  • Unsoiled paper.

  • Magazine, newspaper. 

  • Plastic cups (make sure it’s empty)

What you should NOT place in the recycling bin: 

  • Food.

  • Straws (say no to plastic straw!)

  • Paper cups (paper cups have plastic lining inside and are not recyclable). 

  • Styrofoam.

  • Paper napkins and tissue (they are contaminated).

  • Plastic bags. 

  • Your grease food paper wrap (contaminated too).  

  • Diaper. 

  • Plastic forks and knife (those are not recyclable, check sustainable options).

  • Plates. 

  • Crackers bags…

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