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Paper, magazies and cardboard
cardboard box, newspaper and office paper

Paper, Magazines & Cardboard

We use paper everyday and most of the paper products that we use are recyclable. Magazines, cardboard boxes, office paper, newspapers, catalog, coupons, unsolicited mail.... it is important to recycle them either in your recycling bin or in recycling centers. 


The rules are: 


  • NO SHREDDED PAPER - confetti size paper is more difficult to recycle and difficult to sort.

  • NO PIZZA BOXES - your pizza box is contaminated with grease and cannot be recycled.

  • NO TISSUE OR KITCHEN PAPER - they are as well contaminated.  

  • NO PAPER CUP - Paper cups have plastic lining inside and cannot be recycled. 

An example of a few things that are accepted: 

  • Paperboard boxes like cereal, cookies, snack, crackers, pasta,  

  • Magazines, newspapers, 

  • Phonebooks, paperback books. 

  • Toilet and kitchen paper rolls.

  • Envelops, mail and office paper.

  • Corrugated cardboard. 

Other location: 

beverage and food carton


Food and beverage cartons that contain dairy like milk and cream, and juice, are accepted in your recycling bin and in recycling centers. 

Make sure that they are:

  • RINSED and DRAINED. If not, it will contaminate the entire batch.

  • Remove LIDS. 

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