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Used Motor Oil

used motor oil

Why is it important to recycle used motor oil? 

We have all seen images of birds covered with nasty, sticky oil. Although your quart of used motor oil will not have the same impact as a major oil spill, it will still end up running into waterways and stick to everything it touches, birds, fishes, aquatic plants and sand on the beach. To prevent these damages you can collect your used motor oil in a clean sealed container (a plastic milk bottle or the original plastic container) and drop it off for recycling. 

The City and County offersused motor oil recycling in the below recycling centers; 

Alternatively, used motor oil can be picked up on your regular recycling pick-up day. Just place the container next to your recycling bin,

Other drop-off locations: 

motor oil bottle
Used cooking oil

Used Cooking Oil

So here are couple of facts that you may not know about used cooking oil and why it is important to properly dispose of your used oil. 

Most of the people get rid of used cooking oil by throwing it down the drain. Here is the problem, used cooking oil will eventually mix with other waste down the drain and cause major pipe blockages. Then with heavy rains, all the waste water (coming from kitchen and toilet), that is supposed to be sent to the waste water treatment plant through the sewage pipes, overflows because of the pipes blockage. Waste water then runs into our waterways and eventually ends up in the Galveston Bay causing problem to aquatic life. 

Instead, your used cooking oil can be turned into biodiesel. 1 liter of used cooking oil can be recycled into about 1 liter of clean biodiesel. 

So, after dip frying those yummy chicken nuggets, falafel or french fries, think about properly disposing your used cooking oil. Wait until the used oil has cooled off. Place it in an empty bottle. And drop it to one of the used cooking oil recycling locations in Houston.

pouring used cooking oil
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