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Building Materials

You maybe got too many tiles for your new bathroom, or just want to change your cabinets in your kitchen. Don't trash them! The City of Houston Reuse Warehouse will donate your cabinets and extra tiles to non-profit organizations for reuse. Thus you'll do something good for the environment and your community. 

The Reuse Warehouse accepts a long list of building materials from lumber, roof shingles, pipes, sink, lighting, faucet, wallpaper.... . This recycling center is open for individuals, builders, supply companies. Materials have to be in suitable condition for reuse to be accepted. ​

You can also donate your new or used (still in good condition) building materials to the RePurpose Depot. This non-for-profit organisation accepts a large list of materials like reclaimed cabinets, reclaimed ceiling fans, used doors, reclaimed hardwood flooring, used lighting, reclaimed lumber, reclaimed sinks, used bathtubs, reclaimed windows, reclaimed shiplap, and also used appliances and furniture. 

Repurpose Depot makes these materials available to the public at deep discount. You may also consider shopping there!

The RePurpose Depot will unfortunately be closing its doors at the end of January 2020. Go check for great deals. 

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