Although recycling should be your last option (check the Reduce Your Waste section to know more), many material from plastic bags to used cooking oil can be recycled or more properly handled to avoid pollution Houston. Waste can be either disposed of in your recycling bin or at a specific recycling location. 


Click on the icons below to find out what, how and where. 

plastic bottles and containers
aluminum and tin cans
food waste
appliances, microwave, washing machine
pouring used cooking oil
recycle metal.jpg
styrofaom logo
Aluminum bakeware
furniture,table, chair, bed
paint and household hazardous waste
plastic bag
glass bottles and jars
light bulb
old clothes and shoes
car tire
paper, cardboard, magazine
Yard waste and cut flowers
printer, computer, camera, phone
Disposal building materials.jpg
beverage caton
Recycle Christmas trees.jpg
ink cartridge
motor oil bottle
Recycle wire hangers.jpg
repurposed items for art.jpg

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